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Clear Lacquered wooden broom and mop wood handles

Clear Lacquered wooden broom and mop wood handles

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Item No. 8934
Materials: Eucalyptus.
Size: 1200mmx22mm.
Straightness: within 6mm.
Sanded: 2-3 times.
Diameter tolerance: ±0.5mm.
Length tolerance: ±5mm.
Humidity: Within 20%, depending on seasons.
Fumigation: Fumigated by steam machine.
Both ends: Short caps and Italian thread.
Packaging: 24/48/50/60pcs per woven bag.
Application: For brushes, besoms, sweepers, brooms, wet mops, sticks, janitorial supplies, shovels, hoes, rakes, pickaxes, etc.
Usage: House and floor cleaning, household cleaning tools, common household items, home care series, Cleaning products.
Feature: Eco-Friendly, smooth, sanded, short caps, Italian thread, durable, hardwood, tough guy, heavy duty, round, not easy to crack.